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Depth Measuring PEAK 2008 (25X-100X)

Depth Measuring PEAK 2008 (25X-100X)

Depth Measuring PEAK 2008 (25X-100X)

Depth Measuring PEAK 2008 (25X-100X)

Depth Measuring PEAK 2008 (25X-100X)
Depth Measuring PEAK 2008 (25X-100X)

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  • Depth Measuring PEAK 2008 (25X-100X)

  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • MASP : PEAK 2008
  • Nhà sản xuất : PEAK- TOKAI SANGYO
  • Peak Stand Microscope is a small size, lightweight and conveniently portable microscope. It is designed to cover the range in between the high-grade, heavily equipped microscopes and the various magnifiers 3x-30x) developed by Peak. It can easily, speedily and accurately catch the subject to be examined with its bright and superior resolving power and smooth-working mechanism. This microscope is convenient for measuring the thickness, height or depth of subjects having different levels and for measuring the depth of items like print cylinders, printing plates and other similar applications. The precision made focusing ring, simplifies operation, and the attachable/detachable rubber eyepiece increases the ease in operation. A scale is built into the scale chamber above the focusing ring The lens barrel of the eyepiece is the visibility adjustment ring. First turn this ring and set it at the position where the scale can be seen clearly. Then turn the focusing ring refocus on the next level. By reading the scale engraved on the focusing ring and the main needle of the lens barrel, depths can be measured with the accuracy of 0.1mm (.004"). This scale can be easily interchanged according to use. Three kinds of scales-standard, for tooling, for printing are available. Peak Stand Microscope is ideal for use in factories, inspection rooms and research laboratories.

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Scales are available in metric or inches

Click for full Tolerance of Metric Reticles chart

Magnifiers with reticles are not supplied with certification certificates.
Certification if required must be sent to a certification lab.
Buyer is responsible for the source and cost.

Item Number 2008-25 2008-50 2008-75 2008-100
Magnification 25X 50X 75X 100X
Field of View 3.30 mmø 2.00mmø 1.09mmø 0.84mmø
Min. Scale Div. No. 24 = 0.05mm
No. 26 = 0.002"
No. 13 = 0.02mm
No. 15 = 0.001"
No. 34 = 0.01mm
No. 36 = 0.0005"
No. 44 = 0.005mm
No. 46 = 0.0005"
Measuring Range 3.0mm 1.6mm 1.0mm 0.8mm
Working Distance 17.0mm 11.7mm 11.7mm 11.6mm
Numerical Aperture 0.11 0.18 0.22 0.22
Focal Distance 19.8mm 14.9mm 9.9mm 9.9mm
Size (mm) 41.5øx122 41.5øx122 41.5øx122 41.5øx122
Net Weight 83 g 83 g 83 g 88 g

Threaded base: Diameter = 30mm, Pitch = 1mm

Replacement parts, Base, Pen Light, Holder and Reticles shown below.


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