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máy phân tích màu KONICA-MINOLTA CM-25D, CM-26D

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Portable Spectrophotometers CM-25D, CM-26D : The CM-26dG, CM-26d, and CM-25d are the successors to the CM-2600d and CM-2500d spectrophotometers widely used in the industry. The new devices are portable sphere type spectrophotometers with horizontal alignment, a design most convenient to measure the colour of flat or large samples. All devices deliver measurement data including (SCI) and excluding (SCE) surface conditions in one measurement sequence, at Ultra-High Speed. With their additional 3mm measuring aperture, the devices perfectly adapt to small sample sizes (not for CM-25d), with the CM-26dG being able to also measure the gloss of a surface with a true, ISO compliant 60° gloss sensor.

While the sample observation port allows perfect sample positioning for measurements, the large color display shows measurement data either numerically or graphically. With the additional Configuration Tool Software CM-CT1 and the new image based workflow feature, the devices enable easy configuration across a network and make the actual work for users in the field less erroneous and more convenient.





Spectrophotometer CM-26d/CM-25d



• The new d:8° portable sphere Spectrophotometer CM-26d and Spectrophotometer CM-25d were developed for true “Digital Color Data Management” to help minimize the need of physical samples within a supply chain.

• With tight inter-instrument agreement levels of ∆E*ab< 0.12 (CM-26d) and high repeatability of σ∆E*ab 0.02 (CM-26d), the CM-26d and CM-25d ensures measurement data communicated within a supply chain remain consistent.

• The CM-26d and CM-25d comes with Configuration Tool CM-CT1 software (standard accessory) that allows user to not only create/write instrument settings, but also compiling it into a file and share it within its supply chain.

• When used together with Spectramagic NX Software, the CM-26d and CM-25d allows user to create workflow instructions with images.

• The CM-26 and CM-25d comes with a viewfinder for accurate positioning on sample or small parts. The symmetrical and compact design, allows measurement of hard-to-reach areas like vehicle interior.





Picture: KONICA-MINOLTA Spectrophotometer CM-26d at Semiki’s warehouse




Video: Intro| CM-26d Spectrophotometer |  Konica Minolta 


Features : 


► di:8°, de:8° (diffused illumination, 8° viewing angle)

► High Inter-Instrument Agreement(IIA)

► ∆E*ab< 0.12; Average of BCRA 12 Tiles (CM-26d)

► ∆E*ab< 0.20; Average of BCRA 12 Tiles (CM-25d)

► Changeable measuring apertures -Ø8mm or Ø3mm measurement areas (CM-26d)

► Viewfinder for easy target alignment

► JOB function*1 for creating workflows (with graphical instructions)

► Configuration Tool CM-CT1 software (standard accessory)

► Bluetooth ready


Specification : 






Picture: Semiki handing over and training for the use of the CM-26d Spectrophotometer at the customer’s factory





Maintenance and calibration : 


 We also have calibration certificate attached ( optional )

► Please re-calibrate after use for a certain period through our purchase store. Local Vietnam : SEMIKI CORP







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